The Ealing Dean Allotment Society was formed (in 2014) to enable self-management of the Northfields Allotments by the allotment-holders.

It has a constitution, and a committee of elected members, and has a contract with Pathways (the owners of the allotments) to manage the allotments on their behalf.

The current Committee Members are:

  • Chair: Penny Wark
  • Secretary: Jane Morris 
  • Treasurer: Jon Wilkins
  • Committee Member: Richard Ashcroft
  • Committee Member: Dominic Small
  • Committee Member: Claire Bates

Expenses claim form is linked below, in PDF and Word DOC format.


File EDAS_Expense_Form_v3.docx38.6 KB
PDF icon EDAS_Expense_Form_v3.pdf54.42 KB