Notice board

Dates for your diary
Summer Open Day, Sunday July 12, 1pm-5pm
Please volunteer to help with the event - whether it's setting-up, helping on one of the stalls or tidying up afterwards.

Halloween Pumpkin Trail, Saturday, October 31, 2:30pm-6:30pm
This year’s theme is yet to be announced (perhaps you have a suggestion), but it'll be extra special this year as halloween falls on the Saturday.

Watering etiquette
Just a reminder to use water thoughtfully in this hot weather. Recently taps have been left running, leading to overflowing tanks and wasted water. We are on a water meter and higher bills could mean higher rents for plotholders.

Please follow these common sense guidelines:

  • When you’ve finished watering, always turn the tap off.
  • If you’re watering at the same time as someone else, tell them if you finish first.
  • Leave the tank full for the next person.

Thank you!


On site security guidelines
Intruders have been seen on site recently after gates have been left unlocked. Here are a few reminders about how to keep the site secure.

Always keep the gate locked, even if you are popping out briefly or working nearby. Check that the gate is locked correctly.

If you find a gate unlocked, please lock it.

Don't let unfamiliar people through a gate unless they have an allotment key.

Visitors should be met at the gate by the plot holder they are visiting. Don't let in other plot holders' visitors.

Thank you!


How big can your shed be? - in the Handbook